Stitch Fix 55: Summer-Ready!

Stitch Fix Review 55 - Summer-Ready!

Fun Summer Outfit Options

As you can see by the number “55” in the title of this post, I’ve been a long-time Stitch Fix fan. My last couple of boxes were kind of hit and miss, but this recent box did not disappoint. Today I’m sharing what I received in this summery Stitch Fix.

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I had left a note for my Stitch Fix stylist requesting tops and shorts I could wear this summer, and maybe a casual summer dress that could be worn at school or for just running around once school’s out. When I first opened the box, I was underwhelmed: nothing was jumping out at me. But ironically enough, I had a casual party to go to that evening and it was in the upper 80s. I knew I wanted to wear my distressed jean shorts with my Sorel sandals and round rattan bag, but I was trying top after top from my closet and nothing looked the way I wanted it to. As a last-ditch attempt at pulling something together, I yanked the Cosmic Blue Love “Ava” button-down top from the Stitch Fix box and tried it. At first I front-tucked it, and then I decided to knot it. Ummmmm, perfection! Plus, the top was cooling and breezy. Then I noticed that the colors go PERFECTLY with some mustard cord shorts I picked up at AE, as well as olive cargo shorts, denim shorts or jeans, AND white denim. Basically everything I wear all summer. And I’m not kidding when I say it’s “breezy.” It picked up the slight breeze, draped perfectly, and kept me cool all evening at the outdoor event.

Stitch Fix Striped Top with Distressed Denim Shorts, Sorel Sandals, and Round Woven Rattan Bag

Once I got home I decided to dig a little deeper into my Stitch Fix box to see if there were other items that I might not have looked at carefully enough. Spoiler alert: there were!

In My 55th Stitch Fix Box

1. Cosmic Blue Love “Ava” Button Down Top, $64

Here’s another look at that cute top I wore to the party. This time I tucked it, and it looks cute this way, too. I’m wearing it with some red shorts, also from this Stitch Fix (see below). Love that this top can be worn with pretty much ANY color or material pants. Also love that it’s so cooling in the summer heat.

Stitch Fix Cosmic Blue Love Ava Button Down Top and Level 99 Adelynn Distressed Denim Shorts

Verdict: Kept it

2. Level 99 “Adelynn” Distressed Side Slit Denim Short, $68

I love Level 99 denim, but when I saw “side slit” in the description, I was worried these were going to be some sort of crazy Daisy Duke type thing. Not my style. But the denim was stretchy and not too tight, and the shorts had a nice mid rise and midi length, with just a little bit of distressing. When I tried them on, they were actually really flattering!

Stitch Fix Market & Spruce Airika Woven Lace Front Knit Top with Level 99 Adelynn Distressed Red Denim Shorts

Verdict: Kept them

3. Skies Are Blue “Airika” Woven Lace Front Knit Top, $48

Again, at first sight, I though this top was pretty bland. However, the lace and crochet detail on the front was really pretty. This top would look equally cute with distressed shorts as it would with a pretty skirt or dress pants. It was sleeveless, but didn’t leave the usual unsightly armpit bulge. Would I have bought this top by itself? Probably not, but since I wanted everything else in the box, it was cheaper to keep this with the 25% off than to not take it with the rest. Now that I’ve got it, though, I’m glad — I’ve already worn it probably more than everything else since it’s so versatile.

Stitch Fix Skies Are Blue Airika Woven Lace Front Knit Top with Kut from the Kloth Jansen Printed Linen Shorts

Verdict: Kept it

4. Kut from the Kloth “Jansen” Printed Linen Short, $58

I’ve been in the market for some linen shorts, but it seems like most I try on either aren’t flattering or get wrinkled up so badly it’s not worth it. This pair is from Kut from the Kloth, which was a good sign right out of the gate. I love the yellow and gray floral print, and as you can see, they have POCKETS! The length is short, but not too short. Also, the length in back dips down a little more than the front, so there are zero concerns about cheekiness. Thank goodness. These have an elastic waist and a drawstring, which I also liked.

Stitch Fix Skies Are Blue Airika Woven Lace Front Knit Top with Kut from the Kloth Jansen Printed Linen Shorts

And here’s a photo so you can see how they’ve got a little more length in the back for added coverage. Genius!

Stitch Fix Skies Are Blue Airika Woven Lace Front Knit Top with Kut from the Kloth Jansen Printed Linen Shorts

Verdict: Kept them

5. Market & Spruce “Meg” Knit Dress, $58

When you find cute, comfy summer dresses that can be worn anywhere and even layered in spring and fall, you jump on them. This dress is a really dark charcoal gray-black color with slight heathering, and the stripes are a bold white. The length is perfect to not have to worry about teaching in it or wearing it to church, and I love that you can wear this with a regular bra, not a racerback or strapless. It’s not tight, but it’s also not too loose and billowy (swing dresses aren’t always super flattering). I didn’t accessorize it at all for this photo, but you could belt it, wear it with a denim jacket or kimono, or even use scarves and jewelry to dress it up. Definitely a summer staple right here, folks.

Stitch Fix Market & Spruce Meg Knit Dress

Verdict: Kept it

Ready, Set, Summer!

So, yep, I kept it all this time! With the denim shorts I already have, a few basic tees and tank tops (white, gray, black, and a camo one), plus the 5 items in this Fix, I’m all set for summer. All told I spent $222 on this Fix (the price of the items + a 25% “buy all” discount for keeping all 5). Everything I got was of great quality — good brands and materials that feel good and seem very durable. I liked the styles, and these pieces are just what I needed to round out my summer looks. Give Stitch Fix a try yourself and let me know what you think! And if you want any of these specific pieces, you can request them from your Stitch Fix stylist.

Give Dad a Fix for Father’s Day

Did you know that Stitch Fix also has men’s (and kids’) styling? You can get Dad a gift card for a Stitch Fix of his own. It’s a great idea for guys who don’t like to shop.

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