How to Wear Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

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Short? It’s okay. Not Rail-Thin? No Prob.

It’s a great time for jeans: no style is off-limits right now. Whether you like skinnies, crops, boyfriend, flares, straight or mom means, dad jeans, or even Uncle Arthur jeans, it’s all good. I have really wanted to jump on the wide leg crop jeans train for quite a while, but it just hasn’t worked out. I’ve tried tons of different brands and styles, but with my short legs and healthy hips, I haven’t found any that are flattering. They are out there, though — it’s all in the details. Today I’m sharing some helpful tips for finding wide leg crops that work for us shorter, thicker people. Tall, thin, elegant ladies, you are probably good to go already.

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Old Navy Wide Leg Jean Crops

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Tips for Wearing Wide Leg Crops

  • Get the length right — Wide leg crops are most flattering when they hit just above the ankle. Too high and your legs can look thick. I’m 5’5″ and sometimes the petite (or short) length pants work for me, but sometimes they’re too short. You can always get them tailored or cut off an inch or two and leave the raw hem.
  • Don’t go for jumbo — If you’re short, stay away from super-wide styles and/or bulky fabrics that stick way out. Opt for a more streamlined wide leg or more flowy denim or chambray. For me, the streamlined look is most flattering of all: flowy wide legs make me look, well, wide.
  • Find the right waist height — A mid- to higher rise looks great with wide leg crops. If you’re petite you might want to stick with more of a mid-rise.
  • Seal the deal with the right shoe — Heels will elongate your legs, so they’re always a great choice. Even if it’s just a low heel or wedge, it’ll help. Will I still wear mine with sneakers? Yes, occasionally. Higher rise ankle boots look great, too.
  • Balance the scale — If you’ve got a wider pant on the bottom, you should go smaller scale on top. Try a sleek tee (or turtleneck if it’s fall/winter). You can wear a cardigan or jacket with your cropped wide leg jeans, but it should either be just above the waist in length or at or below the knee. Top layer hemlines hitting around your hip area when wearing wide leg crops aren’t the most flattering.
  • Show your waist — If you do wear a top layer like a jacket or cardigan, leave it open in front to show the waistline. This will help your legs look longer.
wide leg cropped pants

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flattering wide leg cropped jeans

Wide Leg Cropped Jean Options

The jeans I’m wearing in this post are the first wide leg crops that I’ve truly embraced and find comfortable and fairly flattering to wear. They have utility pockets in front, which isn’t always the best option for those with hips, but they’re sleek and just-wide-enough. Even better, they’re the perfect length and they were $44 (I got them on sale for just $26!). The “your true fit calculater” said I should go with my regular size 8R, but I went with Petite and sized up one to 10P because I didn’t want them to be too clingy. Perfect! The denim stretches a little, but not too much, and although they’re “high rise,” they hit me slightly below the belly button. I’ll wear these year-round: with sandals now, and with higher ankle boots in fall and winter. These sold out like lightning, but here’s where I got them in case they come back in stock.

10 Great Options

Click >> below to check out some great pairs of wide leg cropped jeans that would work for shorter, curvier shapes.

All of the styles I picked above are clean-cut, streamlined, and don’t have a lot of crazy width or detailing at the waist or hips. Any of these styles would look great on someone who’s not model-thin and tall. You know, the rest of us.

Wide leg jeans cropped
Flattering wide leg crops

How About You?

Are you in the market for wide leg cropped jeans or pants? The same principles I laid out above would also apply to wide leg cropped pants. Really, the same principles except for the length one apply to full-length pants as well. The length of full-length wide leg pants depends on the style of shoe you’re going to wear with them. You don’t want your hems dragging on the ground, but you also don’t want them hitting between your ankle and the top of your foot. If you’ve found brands or styles of wide leg jeans or pants that look good on shorter, wider people, please let me know!

how to wear wide leg crops when you're petite and curvy
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