Teacher Feet Up Friday with CARIUMA Sneakers

Teacher Feet Up Friday with Cariuma OCA sneakers

If you’ve been on Instagram or Facebook on a Friday, chances are you’ve come across some “Feet Up Friday” posts. Although Feet Up Friday is way more than just a teacher thing, a lot of the #feetupfriday posts you’ll see are from classrooms. Teaching is hard, and even though it’s very rewarding, it’s also very draining. After a long week fueled with adrenaline, coffee, and paper clips, it’s nice to put those tired feet up and gaze around a calm, silent, empty classroom. It’s essentially the teacher version of raising the little blue flag to show that you’re marked safe from another exhausting week. Today I’m sharing 5 things I do to close out each school week on a high note, as well as some sweet new school- and weekend-worthy (and earth friendly) CARIUMA sneakers.

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Teacher Friday Outfit with CARIUMA OCA sneakers

Friday Five

Okay, I get it: when the bell rings on Friday, the last thing teachers want to do is stick around the classroom for a while. However, I like to square a few things away before heading home for the weekend (…to “recover” LOL!). Hitting these tasks on Friday makes my Mondays a little easier, and also means I have less thinking and planning to do over the weekend. You don’t have to go overboard: unless it’s been a really rough week (!), it only takes me about 10-15 minutes to do these five tasks.

  1. Wipe the student desks and common areas. Take a Clorox wipe (my favorites are the Coconut scented ones!!) and quickly swipe all of the desk tops. Hit the pencil sharpener and hand sanitizer bottle. Not only does this make the desks look nice and shiny when students come in on Monday, but it kills any creeping crud that might have built up during the week. You know what I mean.
  2. Tidy bookshelves and storage areas. I have a classroom library, and I take a few minutes to straighten the books and make sure they’re still in the right order. I straighten items in bins and things in piles so they don’t look haphazard. Now that I’ve got a Chromebook cart, I also double check to make sure they’re all plugged in and charging. A little straightening makes things LOOK organized, whether they are or not.
  3. Organize your email inbox. Our school uses GMAIL, and I love how you can organize your inbox labels into categories and also have labels within labels. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to do that if you’re new to it. On Fridays, I take a few minutes to file away emails with tasks that I have already addressed. Whether you use GMAIL or something else, you can clean out your inbox so only current/active items are looking at you when you come in on Monday.
  4. Preview next week’s lessons. I always take a peek at my planner (I use Emily Ley’s Simplified Teacher Planner) to review what I’ve got scheduled for next week. Even if it’s already “in my head,” I force myself to visually look at the plan because sometimes there is something I need to buy over the weekend or remember to bring with me on Monday, and I’ll be reminded before leaving on Friday. It seems like every time I skip this one, I pay for it.
  5. Clean off your desk. I mean everything. I am an “organized piles” person, but when my piles start getting too big, it stresses me out to look at them. Filing things away on Fridays means the piles won’t get too large. Put the pens back in their holder, put the sticky notes in a drawer. Even if it means moving the piles to a side table or shelf, seeing that pristine desktop surface just brings a sense of zen. Zen is priceless on Monday mornings.
Teacher at white board

The Sneaks

Did you see these cuties? They’re CARIUMA brand, and this style is called the OCA. CARIUMA sneakers are handmade in Brazil and they’re “old-school sneakers with new-school ethics.” Obviously, they’re cute, and I love that they do everything they can to make them earth friendly and socially responsible. From fair wages and working conditions to recycled and renewable materials to 100% carbon neutral shipping and transportation, they’re on it.

CARIUMA OCA teacher outfit

They’re also super comfortable. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I have tired, achy teacher feet. I also have bunions. This means I have to be very careful about the shoes I wear when I’m on my feet all day long. These CARIUMA OCA sneakers passed my comfort test: they are supportive and have plenty of room for my toes (I sized down 1/2 size). Best of all, my feet still feel great at the end of the day. That means I can keep them on for our evening activities and go straight from #teacherlife to #momlife.

The suede OCA was my pick (many thanks to CARIUMA for partnering with me on this post!), but they have lots of other cute styles. I am currently eyeing the sunny yellow canvas ones. Here are a few of my favorites.

My CARIUMA Sneaker Picks

CARIUMA OCA sneakers, Aerie leopard print sweatshirt, and Madewell jeans

Peace Out!

Well, it’s Friday, y’all, so I’m going to put my feet down, tackle that FRIDAY FIVE list, and get my weekend started. Have a good one!

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