Fun Family Activities for Winter Break

Fun family activities for winter break! Things to do with kids over Christmas vacation

Mom, I’m bored!

Kids always claim to be excited for winter break. But as we all know, once they’ve had a few days off of school, cabin fever can start to set in. We’ve always tried to do at least a few fun things together as a family over Christmas vacation, but some years it’s hard coming up with new ideas. Today I’m sharing a list of 40 fun things to do over winter break. Some of these are holiday related, but most are just plain ‘ole good fun.

40 Fun Family Activities for Winter Break

40 things for families to do over Christmas vacation
Printable PDF version of this list below:

Some of these ideas are free or low cost, but a few would require shelling out a bit of dough. Every year we have each of our boys come up with one or two things they want to do over winter break, and we try to squeeze those in. I guess it’s sort of a Christmas vacation bucket list.

Looking back, for my own boys, these activities (and not Christmas gifts) are the things they tend to remember most.

Oh, and being a mom of all boys, I never actually brought up #38. Maybe I can do that one with nieces or grandkids one day. πŸ™‚

Other Ideas for Break

Need some inspiration? Here are a few tutorials and ideas that are easy and fun.

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