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Everyday Teacher Style Practical Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts They'll Actually Use

Move over, Oprah and Gwynyth: your gift guides are fabulous and trendy, and I do love browsing your picks (especially yours, Oprah!), but in the end I love giving (and getting) gifts that are useful. I know everyone has a different perspective on holiday gifts. Some want their gifts to touch the heart and bring a tear to the eye of their family and friends. Others want to shock and awe with their over-the-topness. Still others want to slip a gift card or some cash into an envelope and call it a day. Truth be told, I fall in this last category…cash is always useful, right? But, yeah, I’ll admit it’s a little impersonal. I’ve always thought it best when someone gets a gift that they actually use. A lot. And when a gift gets used a lot AND surprises and delights with its style, taste, uniqueness, or amazing function, that, my friends, is where it’s at. In this holiday gift guide I’m sharing my picks for gifts that are (a) useful and practical, (b) stylish, and (c) do what they’re supposed to, extremely well.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links may result in my earning a small commission or referral at absolutely no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and I only share products and brands that I love and think you will, too.
Gear and style gift ideas

Gear With Function AND Form

1. sudio TOLV Wireless Earphones

These are hands-down the best earphones I’ve ever owned. Ever. They’re so good everyone who has borrowed mine to try so far has ended up buying their own. The sudio TOLV earphones reflect their clean, elegant Swedish design, and they sound uh-mazing. They come in 6 colors (the ones below plus a pretty gray color). These are the perfect gift for people who take their music seriously. Right now they’re 25% off for the Black Friday sale (Nov 25 – Dec 2), or any other time you can get 15% off with TEACHERSTYLE.

sudio TOLV wireless earphones earbuds

2. Jord Wood Watch

Jord wood watches are beautiful to look at and are made in America (St. Louis!). I get so many compliments on mine, and of course the workmanship and function is exquisite. Check out my Jord watch reviews here and here. These watches make great gifts!

3. Taos Footwear

I have the Taos Crave boots shown above, but all of the Taos shoes, boots, and slippers are made with comfort in mind. The orthotics are amazing, and the quality is second-to-none. I wear my boots to teach in several days a week, and I plan to get more Taos shoes soon. Check out my Shop My Instagram page to see how often I’m wearing these beauties. Gift these to someone who needs comfortable shoes, but also wants them to be stylish. They have a great sales from time to time (including a great Black Friday one going on right now!), so keep an eye on the website.

4. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a fun experience, but it’s also a great way to round out your wardrobe or shop for a special occasion outfit without endless online searching (and returning) or store hopping. I’ve been getting Stitch Fixes for years (check the Stitch Fix category to see what I’ve gotten!), and it has really helped me define my style. A Stitch Fix gift card is a great idea for the ladies (or guys) in your life who are hard to shop for.

Stitch Fix Gift Card Ideas

5. Vionic Slippers

Vionic slippers are the softest, coziest, and most supportive (if you’ve got achy feet like me) slippers out there. Two different styles have been on Oprah’s Favorite Things lists (Relax Plush in 2016 and Gemma Plush in 2018). The ones that made Jenny’s list this year are the Nessie slippers in leopard. Gift these to someone who could use a pair of cute and comfy, yet good-for-the-feet, slippers.

Vionic Nessie Slippers in Leopard and Shearling Orthotic Comfortable Support

6. ETS Gym Tanks

Okay, this is a shameless plug for the cute kickboxing muscle tanks in my own Etsy shop. Seriously, though, I love both styles: Throw Jabs Not Shade and Gloves On World Off. They’re comfy and hold up well in a tough workout, and both come in lots of colors. In addition to the kickboxing tanks, I plan to add more general workout/fitness styles soon. Your gym besties will love them!

health and beauty holiday gift guide ideas christmas

Gifts That Keep on Giving

1. Goli Gummies

Chances are you’ve heard about the benefits of having apple cider vinegar (ACV) daily. Well if you’ve tried it, you also know it tastes pretty harsh. Goli gummies are DELICIOUS and are packed with antioxidants and superfoods. I love them and am still hitting the reorder button every time I get low. These are the perfect gift for your health-conscious friend. Here’s my Goli Gummies review if you’re curious. Get 5% off your order with promo code JENNYM5.

2. Smile Brilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush

I own the cariPRO ultrasonic electric toothbrush, and I bought one for each of my three boys and my husband for Christmas a few years ago. We’ve been using them for several years now (you can get replacement heads), and our teeth have never been cleaner or whiter (see the before and after photos here). I was sold on this toothbrush when, after just two weeks of using it, my dentist asked me if I had been doing better with flossing. I hadn’t. It was all this amazing toothbrush. Give these to your immediate family members and they’ll thank you later. Get 50% off (yes, that’s right!) your order with promo code EVERYDAYTEACHER50.

3. 310 Nutrition – 310 Juice and 310 Lemonade

If you know someone who is trying to drink more water, but doesn’t like it plain, the 310 Nutrition 310 Juice and 310 Lemonades might just be for them. I drink both every single day. The mixed berry 310 Juice is packed with greens and over 70 superfoods, as well as probiotic cultures. It’s a great way to get in your veggies and fruits. The 310 Lemonade contains green tea extract and alkalizing minerals (calcium, magnesium, and potassium) to help balance your body’s pH. Both are just 10 calories a serving and have no preservatives and are non-GMO, sugar free, and have no artificial sweeteners. Good stuff.

4. goPURE Beauty Serums

For the friend who wants to shake up her skin care routine without spending a bundle, goPURE Beauty products are a great gift. I’ve been using their products for a few years now and love the results I’m getting (read about my early experience with it here). Their Serum Trio Kit is a great place to begin. They’re also having a great Black Friday sale right now!

5. City Lips Lip Plumping Gloss

City Lips is the BEST lip gloss I’ve ever used. It lasts and lasts, and it helps remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by subtly plumping the lips. It comes in lots of pretty colors (both glosses and mattes). My favorites are the clear gloss and the gloss called Sun Diego. Read my review of City Lips here. Your friends will love these pretty, lip-improving glosses and mattes. And, you can get 10% off with promo code EVERYDAYTEACHERSTYLE. They also have some great Black Friday deals!

practical and useful holiday gifts for cooking and food preparation

Gifts That Make Dinner (& Dessert) Easy

1. eMeals Menu Planning

Okay, eMeals can be a game-changing gift for someone. It’s like getting the gift of time! If you know people who struggle to plan meals and get grocery shopping done for their families, this is for them. They can save time and money with eMeals, and it’s Dave Ramsey approved. I’ve posted about eMeals before (here and here), and I have been a happy eMeals customer for several years now. Oh, and they also have special holiday meal plans!

2. Instant Pot

If you have a friend who doesn’t have an Instant Pot, you should probably fix that situation for them. One trip to Pinterest will tell you everything you need to know. I have the Instant Pot Duo and I use it several nights a week. I paid around $100 for mine, but right now on Amazon it’s $59!

Instant Pot Duo practical holiday gift

3. Air Fryer

I am all about the air frying. If someone on your guest list wants to cut down on the oil-fried foods, an air fryer might be just the thing. You can cook so many things in it! I love making air fryer donuts, dough nuggets, Krispy Kreme knockoffs, french fries, and even baked potatoes, fried green beans, chicken strips, and tons of other things I used to oil fry. I use the GoWise Air Fryer and it’s served me well for several years.

GoWise Air Fryer holiday gift ideas

4. Ice Cream Maker

Admittedly, an ice cream maker is not 100% practical. After all, you can always run to Dairy Queen or the store to get a box from the freezer section. BUT, ever since we got a Breville Smart Scoop ice cream maker, we have become ice cream snobs. My son loves to create new recipes (like this and this, and we also created this yummy pumpkin ice cream pie recipe), and the taste is sooooo much better than anything we get at the store. It’s a bit of a splurge, but this ice cream maker does all of the hard work to create perfect ice cream once you dump in the mixture. It’s so easy! Maybe a little too easy. But either way, the creative sweet tooths on your list will flip over this baby.

cute fun and cheap holiday gift ideas that are practical and useful

Teachers, White Elephant, Babysitters, and Everyone Else

1. Everyday Teacher Style Etsy Store

If you’ve never checked it out, there are a lot of cute gift ideas at my Etsy shop. You can find items for teachers and other friends, including tees, totes, and mugs.

2. Jane Deals & Steals

Jane is a flash sale site that features super on-trend fashion, home, and pet products. They have clothes for women, men, and kids, and are a great place to look for fun and unique gifts on a budget. Check out some of the cute Jane finds I’ve posted about before: here, here, and here.

3. Zulily

Zulily is another flash sale site that has a bigger selection than Jane. They have a wider variety of product types and brands than Jane. I feel like Jane is a little more trendy, but you’ll find on-trend items at Zulily, too.

4. Amazon

Amazon, duh. If you didn’t find the gift you were looking for anyplace else, you can probably find it here. And an Amazon gift card is a gift that is uber practical and useful.

Amazon gift card holiday

That’s it for the JENNY’S FAVORITE THINGS 2019 Everyday Teacher Style gift guide. Again, not as fancy as Oprah’s, Ellen’s, and definitely not Gwynyth’s, but they’re practical gift ideas that people will really use…and enjoy. Happy Christmas shopping, friends!

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