Bitmoji Classroom Tutorials

How To Make a Bitmoji Classroom tutorial

Tutorials for Making a Bitmoji Classroom

Bitmoji classrooms have been around for a while, but since the schools have been shut down, they’ve become a lot more popular. Sure, you can buy bitmoji classrooms on TeachersPayTeachers or Etsy, but they’re pretty simple to make. I’ve been wanting to make one myself, but haven’t had time to look into it. Today I Googled around a little, watched a couple of Bitmoji classroom tutorials on YouTube, and then was able to whip this one up myself in about 15 minutes.

Everyday Teacher Style Bitmoji Classroom Example

I thought about making a tutorial showing how I created mine, but there are already so many great tutorials out there. Instead, I chose a few tutorials that are super clear and very well made.

After viewing a few tutorials like these, you’ll be ready to try it out yourself. I have to admit, it’s kind of fun.

Bitmoji Classroom Uses

There are so many applications for these! Here are just a few practical, fun ways you can use your Bitmoji classroom. They are of course great for remote learning, but when we are back in our regular classrooms with students again, I still plan to use them to spice up lessons and online activities.

  • Weekly elearning overviews (remote learning or Google Classroom weekly previews)
  • Mini-lessons
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Announcements
  • New unit kick-off
  • Interactive slideshows
  • Animated Google slides (fun little videos!)
  • Have students create them for presentations or final products

The list goes on and on. Like any other classroom tool, you don’t want to overuse this or it will become stale. But peppered in every now and then, or used consistently for a single purpose (e.g., I love the idea of using this as a weekly overview to preview upcoming activities for a given week of remote or in person learning), it’s a way to intersperse some freshness and fun.

Bitmoji Classroom Tutorials

Here are a few tutorials for creating Bitmoji classrooms that I found very helpful.

1. Make a Bitmoji Classroom Scene in Google Slides – — Super clear and easy tutorial from EZ EdTech! with lots of tips and suggestions for making awesome scenes.

2. Interactive Bitmoji Classroom Tutorial — Another great tutorial from teacher Thomas Blakemore with ideas for ways to present different types of class information and activities within your Bitmoji scene.

3. Teachers are Creating Virtual Bitmoji Classrooms — Cute and Helpful, Too! recently published this article with tons of examples of teachers’ cute classroom Bitmoji scenes and ideas for using them.

These tutorials and examples will get you off to a basic start. Here is the Bitmoji classroom I created in Google Slides just now:

Everyday Teacher Style Bitmoji Classroom

I plan to use it to do a “goodbye” activity for my students. I’m going to add clickable, interactive areas to this scene. For example, I’ll link specific objects or areas in the scene to a video of me saying my goodbyes, a quick interactive game (maybe a fun quiz about the events of this school year or memorable happenings in our class), and any final logistical instructions for the school year.

Although I’m really excited to get back live and in person with students, there are a few neat tips and tricks I’ve picked up during the shutdown. The Bitmoji classroom scene is definitely one I will keep using.

For more great ideas, check out this post on My Top 6 Favorite Websites for Teachers.

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