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How I’m Transitioning to Gray Hair

Here’s a spoiler: it’s not naturally. My stylist is a genius and she’s helping me go silver all at once. I really do admire the ladies who give up the hair dye cold turkey. I also admire those who want to embrace natural silver hair to make a statement about true beauty or impossible societal standards for women. However, none of those reasons are why I decided to give up the root jobs and go gray. So what was the reason for my gray hair transition?

Gray hair is trending.

Jenny at Everyday Teacher Style Gray Grey Silver Hair

It’s Gotta Work For You

Yeah, that might make me sound shallow and phony. But I really don’t care what other people think. I love all of you, of course, but when it comes down to it, my opinion is the one that counts most in my daily style decisions — just like yours is most important for you! Yeah, girl, you know it’s true. My style criteria are…

  1. It works for what I need to get done
  2. I will be comfortable while I’m getting that stuff done
  3. As long as it doesn’t conflict with #1 or #2 above, it’s interesting and stylish.


For years I LOVED the color my stylist used, a pretty golden brown with blond highlights. I’d go a little darker in the fall and lighten up with extra highlights in spring and summer. But my trips to the salon were getting more and more frequent as my hair began turning more and more salt-and-peppery. I had been toying with the idea of going gray, but didn’t really have time to think it through and do my research (I research EVERY decision…yeah, I’m that girl). Then, the Covid-19 shutdown hit. My gray started growing out, and because I couldn’t get back to my stylist for over 3 months, I had a good 2-3 inches of growth. I liked what I saw! The color was a shiny silver, and it reminded me of some of the trendy ash brown colors I’d been seeing lately online. It was time.

Before transitioning to gray - hair growth during shutdown
Before and after transitioning to gray hair with root growth showing


I was nervous…what if I instantly looked 20 years older? But then it occurred to me: did I really care? The answer was a big “NOPE.” But truthfully, in the back of my head a little voice said, “Well you know, if you don’t like it you can always just have her dye it back before school starts in August.” True, wise little inner voice. It was a done deal. But luckily, I LOVED IT!

How to Do It

Thinking about going gray yourself? Here are my tips for a smooth transition.

1. Find some inspiration.

Over the past year, I started noticing all kinds of gorgeous ashy brown and blond bayalage and highlighted hairstyles. I started pinning tons of photos of ashy gray-silver-brown (sometimes called “grombre,” combining gray and ombre) hair to pinpoint the look I was going for. Here’s my Pinterest board called Gray Hair that I created to show my stylist. Then, before going to my stylist, I sent her some of my favorite photos to show her what I was thinking.

Everyday Teacher Style Pinterest Board featuring Gray Grey Silver Hair Ideas

My Pinterest board called “Gray Hair,” filled with gray inspo.

2. Decide how YOU want to do it.

Do you want your stylist to help you go gray? Awesome! Do you want to do it yourself? Go for it! Do you want to let it grow out naturally over time? Get started! There is no wrong answer, ladies. The way you want to do it is the right method for you. I’m impatient and liked the ash-gray trend, so for me, going to the stylist for an all-at-once fix was the right answer. I will continue to go to my stylist and have her help me grow out the naturally silver-gray part longer and longer over time. You do you.

3. Just do it.

Make your decision. Do it, or don’t. My stylist told me about one of her clients who has been “thinking about going gray” for 20 years now. She has wanted to do it, but won’t pull the trigger. To me, that sounds like maybe she really doesn’t want to do it, which is okay! Change can be hard, but at the end of the day, hair grows back and stylists are magicians. Don’t overthink it. And don’t wait 20 years to try something you’d like to do.

Gray hair in the classroom

So, yeah, the 3-month shutdown may have given me the opportunity to go gray, but I had been debating going through with it this summer (and pinning gray hair photos) for months before that. If you’re on the fence about your own gray hair transition, my advice is to try it.

If you live in my area and would like some master assistance going gray yourself, hit me up and I’ll share the name of my stylist. She is amazing.

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