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Treat Yourself (or Your Favorite Teacher)

It’s about that time: back to school season is ramping up for teachers, students, and their families. This is the time of year I like to pick up a new teacher tee or tote (or two) as a treat that I can use in the new school year. If you’re like me, or if you’d like to treat a teacher friend, check out the Everyday Teacher Style Etsy store for some fun teacher tees and goodies.

Note: As you can probably tell by the name of the Etsy store, I am the owner. This means if you purchase items there, I earn a small profit that I put toward the operation of my blog. I deeply appreciate your support and hope you LOVE the tees and other items as much as I do!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen several Everyday Teacher Style tees in outfits on my feed. My favorite one is the rock band style READ tee (hello, English teacher!). Today I’m sharing some fun tees, totes, and mugs from the store, along with 5 tips for teachers heading back to school.

Teacher Tees

Head to the Etsy Store to see all of the teacher tees. FREE SHIPPING on everything (domestic).

Teacher Totes and Mugs

These totes are canvas and washable – perfect for to- and from-school trips. And whether you need your daily caffeine jolt or just need a place to put pencils, these mugs are the stuff.

Other Goodies

Then there are other fun things like workout/fitness tanks and DIY essential oil cleaning spray bottle labels. Lots of great gift ideas! Head to the shop to check them out.

New items are added every now and then, so be sure to check back. Something you’d like to see? Drop me a comment or message and let me know what other items I should add to the inventory!

Teacher Tips for Back to School

Fun teacher tees and goodies aside, here are a few tips for starting the school year.

  1. Front-load as much as you can. Set up your online classrooms, make those seating charts, organize your room and supplies (including that Chromebook or laptop cart), and do as much pre work as you can. Those first few days are exhausting, and there will be so much more to do. Whatever you can do in advance equals a little more rest and relaxation for you those first few weeks.
  2. Guard your health. Now more than ever it’s important to practice self-care so you can be physically and mentally healthy for your students and your own family. Teacher burnout can hit you hard. Keep up with working out, drink extra water, and try to eat healthfully. Stop working at a decent time of night and get some sleep. Plan evening meals ahead of time. I promise, over time your increased energy will allow you to do more than if you run yourself into the ground from the get-go.
  3. Wear cute and comfy teacher clothes. Appearances are definitely not everything, but when you feel good, your confidence and energy are naturally higher. Comfy clothes and shoes keep you free to move around, and I always feel just a little bit more professional when I like what I’m wearing. Curate a core set of basics (solid tops and tees, black pants, comfy shoes), and then add layering pieces (like blazers, kimonos, cardigans, and denim jackets) and fun accessories.
  4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. There will be things you want to do that have to go by the wayside. That fancy bulletin board, the multi-room luxury Bitmoji classroom, or that amazing three-course home-cooked meal for the fam. Know your priorities (taking care of your family and getting to know your students). Cover the most important bases and let the rest go. Decide to put it off or save it for next year if it’s something that isn’t crucial.
  5. People come first. That includes your students, your family, your coworkers, and you. If it’s a choice between covering more content and running yourself or your students into the ground, then you may need to re-think your curriculum or start doing things a little differently. Often, small tweaks can reduce workload while still hitting the intended standards or skills. A good gauge is whether you — and your students — are usually smiling. Are you?
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You’ve got this!

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