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Decorate Your Porch for Fall!

Now that we’ve passed Labor Day, it’s socially acceptable to start decorating for fall. Not that I’ve ever really gone by what’s “socially acceptable,” I guess. The past few years I’ve been all about the black and white buffalo plaid with pale green, and little to no orange. This year I’m back on the black, white, and orange team, and there are so many fun new shades of orange and white pumpkins! Today I’m sharing the beginnings of my own fall porch decor, 5 helpful tips for porch decor planning, and 16 fun Amazon picks to make your porch pop this season.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links means I may earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and I only share products and brands that I love and think you will, too. Happy shopping!

I always have tall black planters flanking our front doors, but in fall I fill them with mums. Unfortunately, they don’t really get enough sun there, but they usually last at least through Halloween. This year I added quite a few striped things (planters, pillows, pumpkins) to my typical black and white buffalo plaid fall decor. We still need to take our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch for our “big” pumpkins, and I’ll be putting those out on the porch for the season up until we carve them the week before Halloween. It looks a little sparse since I don’t have those out yet, but you get the idea.

Everydayteacherstyle fall porch decor in black and white

Fall Porch Decor Tips

Before you go shopping to decorate your porch for any season, it’s a good idea to do a little planning. Here are some things to think through:

  1. Color Scheme – Choose three main colors that you want to feature. The colors should reflect the season, but should also look good with the color of your house, porch, and front door colors. Last year I chose black, white, and gray. This year I went with black, white, and orange. So original for fall and Halloween, I know. LOL
  2. Furniture – Are you going to swap out your porch furniture or use existing items? I kept my existing items up, but I think my fall porch would look a WHOLE lot cooler with the black bench and black rocker below. They are in my Amazon cart right now….
  3. Flowers and Pumpkins – What colors of flowers and pumpkins will blend well with your color scheme? Do you want them to pop (orange, yellow, red-burgundy) or blend in (peach, white, blue-gray)?
  4. Budget – How much do you want to spend? Take into consideration whether you’re buying things just for this year or whether you want to use them for years to come. Can they be repurposed for other seasons? Could they be used indoors? All things to think through before you buy.
  5. Maintenance – Mums and other flowers have to be watered. Pumpkins may begin to rot. Pillows can get bird poop bombed and might blow off the porch in a strong wind. Tall planters can tip over when big gusts come along. Decide how much time you want (and have) to put into maintaining your decor.

Amazon Fall Porch Decor Picks

There are so many cute options in so many different styles (modern, country, full-on Halloween, etc.) available on Amazon. My picks are all ones I am considering (or would consider) for my porch this year. Which ones do you like? (You can shop all of these items below.)

Amazon fall decor picks items

1. Hello Fall & Happy Harvest Pillow 4-Pack

hello fall happy harvest amazon pillow set black white stripes

2. LED Fall Leaves Garland

LED amazon fall leaves garland lighted

3. Bat Wall Decals

halloween bat wall decals outdoor indoor

4. Stackable Pumpkins

stackable pumpkins porch decor

5. Glossy Black Rocking Chair

glossy black rocking chair rocker porch

6. Happy Fall Y’All Plaid Truck Doormat

7. Set of Buffalo Plaid Pumpkins

Buffalo Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Set

8. Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath

fall door wreath magnolia leaves colors autumn

9. Welcome and Pumpkin Patch Door Banners

welcome and pumpkin patch fall banners for porch front door

10. Set of White Pumpkins

set of white pumpkins decorative fall decor

11. Two Tall Black Planters

12. Glossy Black Porch Bench

glossy black garden bench for front porch fall decor

13. Two Vintage Style Metal Planters with Handles

14. Metal Pumpkin Patch Sign

metal pumpkin patch sign fall decor halloween

15. Two Buffalo Plaid Pillow Covers

set of two buffalo plaid pillow covers checked fall decor

16. Layered Buffalo Plaid Rug and Coir Doormat

layered rugs for door doormat buffalo plaid coir home sweet home fall decor porch

How are you decorating your porch this fall?

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