Cute (Affordable) Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

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Blue light blocking reading glasses that are just as cute as they are affordable

Once you get to certain age, if you don’t already wear glasses full-time, chances are you’ll need to get reading glasses. That’s where I’m at. I’m almost 50, and about two years ago, I started to notice that the words on book pages and menus were a little blurry. In what seemed like just a few months, things went downhill. Flash forward about a year and I needed to wear reading glasses to see anything close up. Whether it was grading papers, looking at my phone, threading needles, or reading nutrition labels, I found myself reaching for reading glasses. I had an ugly pair from Walgreens, and I started having to carry them around with me. I was embarrassed to use them in public, and they weren’t blue light blocking reading glasses.

Well, if you already wear reading glasses, you know you want a pair for every room in the house, the car, your office, your purse, and anyplace else where you might need to use them. And as often as our eyes are on screens nowadays, it’s best for your reading glasses to have blue light blocking capabilities. Chances are, you can tell whether you need readers or not. But if you’re on the fence, see this WebMD article titled, “Do I Need Reading Glasses?” for more information. In case you are in the market, today I’m sharing my favorite place to get really cute, and also affordable, blue light blocking reading glasses: Peepers!

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Peepers Affordable Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

My Peepers Picks

I have 5 pairs of Peepers! You can see them all in the photo above because I have duplicates of two of these three pairs. All three of these are just $25 each! Another thing I love about Peepers is the quality: the glasses are sturdy and never crooked (am I the only one who has had problems with crooked glasses?). The prices are great, they have every style from classic to modern and trendy. Add in the blue light blocking capability, and you have a winner. If you’re not sure what type of reading glasses or sunglasses would be best for you, you can take the Peepers “Perfect Pair Finder” Quiz to get started.

To The Max in Pink Horn

These are my current favorites! I love the color and shape. The To The Max style comes in SIX different frame colors, and you can even get them as sunglasses in three different frame colors! I wear these at school every day for grading, reading, and looking at my computer screen. Shop To The Max in Pink Horn.

Peepers To The Max in Pink Horn Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses
To The Max in Pink Horn

To The Max in Clear

Do these look similar to the ones above? Well they should: they’re the same frame style. I love the slightly larger size of these with the classic, almost Wayfarer-like shape. I have two pairs of these in clear: one for school, and one at home. Shop To The Max in Clear.

Peepers To The Max Reading Glasses in Clear with Blue Light Blocking
To The Max in Clear

Clark in Honey Tortoise

Okay, these were the very first Peepers I got. I ended up buying a second pair because I love the “honey tortoise” color so much as well as the shape. They’re a little smaller than the To The Max frames. The Clark frame is unisex and comes in 7 colors in the blue light blocking reading glasses, and 2 colors in sunglasses. Shop Clark in Honey Tortoise.

Peepers reading glasses blue light blocking Clark in Honey Tortoise
Clark in Honey Tortoise

Oprah Wouldn’t Steer You Wrong

Peepers glasses have been selected in Oprah’s Favorite Things lists for the last four years in a row. That’s saying something! You can shop all of Oprah’s Peepers Picks here.

So, if you have to use readers like me, I recommend checking out Peepers by Peeperspecs for some really cute, affordable options. If you’re interested in prescription glasses or sunglasses, you may be interested in my Warby Parker try-ons (here’s one, here’s another, and here’s the most recent one.

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