5 Year-Round Teacher Closet Staples

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5 Easy Pieces

Let’s face it: teacher clothing budgets aren’t the biggest clothing budgets. Plus, not only do teacher clothes have to look at least casually professional, they have to be comfortable and durable enough to do what teachers do. Walking and gesturing? All the live-long day. Up and down from/to the floor? Especially if you’re a pre-K through elementary teacher. Stains? For most of us, coffee dribbles and pen marks are a recurrent theme; then there are the next-level stains prone to teachers who dabble with glue and paint. Ultimately, teachers need comfort, durability, and at least a minimum level of professionalism. Luckily, all of that is possible with these 5 year-round teacher closet staples.

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Five closet staple items for teachers to wear year round
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The Fabulous Five

These five items are on constant rotation all year long while I teach. Even better, all of them can be work throughout weekends, holiday breaks, and summer as well! Best of all, they are true, classic pieces that won’t go out of style quickly either. Multiple seasons (and years) of re-wearing means lots of money saved, so it doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra for quality and durability on any of these teacher closet staples.

  1. Denim jacket – Denim jackets are the ultimate removable layering piece for alternately freezing and boiling classrooms, as well as chilly fall and summer evenings. Stick with a medium blue denim without distressing to keep it from going out of style too quickly and make it more able to be dressed up when needed.
  2. Black joggers – Joggers are everyone’s best friend on the weekend, but if you get a clean-cut black pair that aren’t too slouchy, you can dress them up for school as well. I love wearing black joggers with black tees and tops to look like a faux jumpsuit.
  3. Tank top – A plain tank top can be worn with just about anything. If you’re wearing it to school, make sure it’s not too low-cut or too tight. Avoid racerback tanks if you want them to look more dressy for school.
  4. Print midi skirt – Not too long, not too short: midi skirts are a little more professional than a mini or a maxi, but can still be dressed down for a breezy summer day.
  5. Graphic tee – Graphic tees are a teacher’s best friend. You can be a walking billboard for values or sayings you want your students to receive without saying a word. Keep them simple and clean for school.

Now, scroll for a few of the ways I’ve mixed and matched these 5 items. You can click on each for shopping info.

Denim jacket with tank top and midi skirt outfit for teacher
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Denim jacket with black top and joggers
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Denim jacket with midi skirt outfit
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Denim jacket with graphic tee and midi skirt teacher outfit
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Tank top with midi skirt outfit
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tank top with joggers outfit for teacher
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Keep Things Simple with Staples

Those are just a few ways I’ve mixed and matched these five teacher closet staples. Throw in a pair of jeans, a kimono, and a few other tees, and you’ve got a whole next-level wardrobe on your hands. By keeping it simple, you can save money, be comfortable, and still fake your way into looking adequately professional. πŸ˜€

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