Help for Teeth Grinding – Smile Brilliant Custom Night Guard Review

Smile Brilliant Custom Night Guards for Grinding Teeth Review

FINALLY, affordable help for night teeth grinding

My name is Jenny, and I grind my teeth. I’ve been doing it for my whole life. When I was little, I remember doing it when I was awake; eventually I stopped that habit. However, I’ve never been able to stop grinding my teeth at night. Over the years it has taken its toll: my teeth are all worn down, and I have TMJ to the extent that my jaw cracks and pops every time I open it past a certain point. It snaps every time I chew, and it frequently snaps while I’m talking. As a teacher and fitness instructor, it’s embarrassing when everyone can hear my jaw snapping: definitely not what I want people in my classes to focus on. I’ve been to several doctors about it, and unfortunately, treatment will not be covered by my health or dental insurance until it gets to the point where my jaw is mostly locked and requires surgery. Next, I tried a few over-the-counter mouth guards: all gave me mouth blisters or made it difficult to sleep. As crazy as this sounds, I had basically given up on having any relief until I got to the surgery point. Flash forward to a few weeks ago when Smile Brilliant contacted me to see if I would like to try and review their new Custom Teeth Grinding Night Guards. Um, sign me up!

Plus, they offered to give my followers a 20% discount, and one lucky person will win a Custom Teeth Grinding Night Guard of their own! See below for details on the discount and how to enter the giveaway.

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I’m already a customer of Smile Brilliant: a few years ago they sent me an affordable and super-effective teeth whitening kit to try (see my review here). And I have been using their cariPRO Ultrasonic tooth brush for several years. I like it so much that I purchased them for my husband and sons, who have all continued to use them (see my original review of the cariPRO here). So based on these two very positive experiences, I was excited to try their night guard to see if it could help.

Smile Brilliant Custom Night Guard Review

The Process

So how do you go about getting a custom night guard without going to the dentist? Turns out, it’s easier than you think. Smile Brilliant sends you a do-it-yourself kit you use to take impressions that are used to make your mouth guard. I was nervous about it, but it was really easy.

The Kit

The kit comes to you with everything you need to make impressions, including very good directions with pictures. I am notoriously bad at following directions, but I got my impression made correctly on the first try.

Smile Brilliant DIY Impression Kit

They do have extra materials in case you mess the first one up. They will also check your impression when they receive it to make sure it’s good to go. If not, they’ll let you know and you can redo it.

Smile Brilliant DIY Impression Kit with Instructions and Materials

The Process

To make the impressions, you just mix the “putty” materials together, press them into the mold, and then bite on it until it’s solid (about a minute).

Smile Brilliant Impression Process

Then you let it harden, drop it into the provided postage-paid envelope, and ship it back to Smile Brilliant to do the rest. Easy peasy!

Smile Brilliant Impression Kit Finished Impression

The Night Guard

The custom night guard arrives in a handy case, and when you order you can opt to get one or add on a couple of extra guards. I did order one extra night guard to have as a back-up or replacement.

Smile Brilliant Custom Night Grinding Guard

The night guard is sturdy, but also flexible. It provides a cushion to prevent grinding and also keeps your teeth from sliding around and rubbing on each other.

Smile Brilliant Custom Night Grinding Teeth Guard

My Two-Week Results

The first night I slept with the night guard on, I immediately noticed that I wasn’t grinding my teeth. One thing I did do, though, is clench my teeth, so my jaws were a little sore that first morning. I have always been a night time teeth clencher, so this isn’t anything new. Due to the “grippy,” soft night guard, I might have clenched a little more than usual that first night. I was worried I’d continue to do this, but after a few more nights my jaws weren’t sore in the morning. After a full week, my jaws not only weren’t sore, but they felt better in the morning. They were less stiff and rigid than usual, and they also didn’t start snapping and popping until much later in the day.

Smile Brilliant Night Guards Wearing

The night guard is so comfortable to wear! I don’t even notice it, and I can’t even feel it like I could with other non-custom night guards. There is no uncomfortable rubbing or clacking, and it didn’t give me any sore spots.

Smile Brilliant Mouth Night Teeth Grinding Guard Wearing

So all in all, I would say that the Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Grinding Night Guard definitely helped reduce and even completely eliminate my teeth grinding. It doesn’t completely stop “clenching,” an ongoing factor in my own jaw issues, but it does seem to ease it some, which I see as a win. After two weeks I’m experiencing less jaw pain, fewer headaches, and a little less clicking and snapping. I’m excited to see if this trend continues and improves even more over time.

But What Does It Cost?

A custom night guard from a TMJ doctor I visited last year was going to cost me around $6,000 because it was not covered by insurance. A Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Grinding Night Guard will cost you $129, well over 70% less than. One mouth guard should last you at least 3 months, even if you are a heavy night grinder. After two full weeks, I’m not seeing any destruction of my night guard. (I would consider myself a “medium” grinder.) There are also starter kits with additional mouth guards. Two night guards cost $159, and a four night guard set costs just $179. You choose one of these three packages to get started, then you’ll save 30% lifetime on refills. But it gets better….

Get a Discount!

If you use promo code EVERYDAYTEACHERSTYLE20, you can get 20% off of your Smile Brilliant Custom Teeth Grinding Night Guard order. That is a fantastic deal to get help you sleep better at night and relieve jaw pain during the day.


And thanks to Smile Brilliant, you have the opportunity to win your own custom teeth grinding night guard! All you have to do to enter is click this GIVEAWAY LINK and follow the directions. Even if you don’t win, you’ll get an even bigger discount on your night guard order just for entering. So either way, you can’t really lose! Best of luck, friends!

Giveaway rules: Enter through one of the giveaway links in this post. Giveaway ends at 11:59pm CST Sunday, July 18, 2021. US, UK, Australia, and Canada residents are eligible to enter. This giveaway is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant.

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