My Top 6 Favorite Websites for Teachers

Over break I had some time to catch up on professional reading. Now that school’s on again, though, I’m back to having zero time for that. One way I stay current on educational issues, trends, and new techniques is following… Continue Reading

Fun, Non-Embarrassing Ice Breakers for High School & Middle School Students

We’re now entering serious back-to-school crunch time for parents, students, and teachers alike. This time of year always gets me thinking about new ways I can welcome students to class and get them to start interacting with each other. Since… Continue Reading

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts Galore

In the English department at the high school where I teach, it seems like new babies are cropping up every ┬ácouple of years or so. Since many of my out-of-school friends are done having little ones and more into the… Continue Reading