3 Ways to Wear a Band Tee

3 Ways to Wear a Band Tee

How to Style a Graphic Band Tee

Band tees are trending right now, and there are so many ways to style them. They can be dressed up with a skirt or dress pants and a blazer, and they can just easily be dressed down for casual and weekend looks. Today I’m sharing three ways to style this *pink* Guns ‘n’ Roses band tee.

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1. Casual-Dressy

This look features a pink moto jacket, faux leather pleated skirt, and snakeskin boots. I’d wear a look like this to school or church, or maybe even out for a date night. Shop this look here.

Casual outfit with pink moto jacket, Guns n Roses band tee, faux leather pleated skirt, and snakeskin boots

2. Casual-Everyday

Sometimes you just want a little bit edgier vibe. That’s when you wear your band tee with a black faux leather moto jacket, distressed jeans, and some good ol’ Docs. Shop this look here.

Casual everyday weekend look featuring a band tee, faux leather moto jacket, red belt, and Doc martens combat boots

3. Casual-Weekend

And then we come to my personal favorite: weekend casual. Nothing’s more comfy than leggings (these Gymsharks are soooo soft and stretchy), and when you throw in some fun kicks and a denim jacket, you’re ready to hit that weekend To-Do list in style. Shop this look here.

Casual weekend outfit featuring a Guns n Roses band tee, denim jacket, Gymshark leggings, and pink Adidas Originals sneakers

And if you want more of a neutral band style tee that sends a great statement, check out my RE/AD tee:

Which of these three looks is your favorite?

Band tee styled 3 ways
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Fun Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Tired of the Same Old School Valentine’s Day Card Ideas?

If you and your kiddos are looking for some Valentine’s Day card ideas, you’ve come to the right place. There’s nothing wrong with movie or cartoon themed valentine — some years our boys chose them and were excited to bring them. But to me, that always seemed like phoning it in (sorry, Elsa and SpongeBob). Don’t get me wrong, I am an occasional phone-it-in parent. But there have been a few years here and there where we got creative and sent fun, unique valentines in to school parties. Whenever we did this, the boys loved it and enjoyed the other kids’ positive reactions. Today I’m sharing a few cute and unique valentine ideas that your kids will love sharing.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links means I may earn a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and I only share products and brands that I love and think you will, too. I truly appreciate your support of my blog.

Not Your Everyday Valentines

What I love about all of these valentine ideas is that they don’t have to involve candy, they’re easy to customize for food allergies or preferences, and several of them are personalized. That, and they’re easy to throw together the night before, which is something many of us occasional phone-it-in parents appreciate. ๐Ÿ™‚ The items I’m sharing today are all from Jane.com, a daily deal shopping boutique. The deals sell out quickly, but every day there are new deals, and sometimes old ones come back, so I linked everything in this post. Check out their Valentine’s Day collection for even more ideas.

“Hey Cutie” Valentine Kits

We sent these in for my youngest son several years in a row because the first time he brought them, everyone loved the idea. You can make these yourself or buy kits (I got mine at Jane.com, 12 kits for $10.22 shipped). If you get the kits, they come with everything: all you have to do is buy cuties to pop into the bags. Shop them here.

Hey Cutie Valentine's Day card kit from Jane

S’Mores Valentine Kits

A similar idea to the Hey Cutie valentines is riffing on the word “s’more” in a cute valentine saying and having a s’more kit in the bag. Again, you could make these yourself, but Jane sells kits that come with everything except the marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hersey bars. And, they’re even personalized with your child’s name! Shop them here (you get 20 for $10.90, shipped).

Jane Valentine's Day s'mores valentine kits personalized

Personalized Valentine Treat Bag Kits

Another easy valentine’s day card idea that you don’t see every year is treat bags. When my boys were really young, I avoided treat bags because they sounded like a lot of work. That and I wasn’t creative enough to help the boys make them look cute, or even neat, for that matter. Jane has valentine treat bag kits that come with coordinating bags and stickers – and they’re personalized so your child’s name is already on them. Here are two different sets they have: so many options for your kids to choose from so their personal style can shine through.

Personalized Bags + Stickers

This set has 20 different designs to choose from. You can opt for patterned or clear bags, and you get 24 of them (ships for $11.90). Shop them at Jane here.

Jane valentine's day personalized treat bag kit

Personalized Stickers with Cello Bags

This set comes with clear bags and has 33 sticker designs to choose from. Just fill the bags and slap on stickers to seal. Easy! You get 24 bags and stickers (ships for $11.48). Shop them at Jane here.

Personalized valentines with clear treat bags and stickers

Stickers on Candy or Toys

Another idea we’ve had in the past is to make or buy stickers and stick them onto something, like a candy bar, Tic Tacs, or a pack of gum. Some years we’ve tried non-food items like blowing bubbles, high-bounce balls, or erasers. Jane also has a ton of cute personalized Valentine’s Day stickers like these (48 stickers for $9.90, shipped: shop them here).

Valentine's Day treat bag stickers

Other Jane Valentine’s Day Picks

While I was looking around for valentine ideas at Jane.com, I found a few other items that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts for family and friends.

For Teachers or Besties

Well, you know these personalized Starbucks cups caught my eye. They had some personalized for Valentine’s Day, but I love these teacher ones. And they know us well: they’re venti. Shop them here ($16.48 shipped).

personalized starbucks venti cups for teachers - gift ideas

For Fur Babies

We love treating our pup on holidays, and these cute lil’ gourmet dog biscuits would definitely make her tail wag. Shop them here ($7.98 shipped).

Valentine's Day gourmet dog biscuits

For You and the Fam-Bam

And whenever you visit Jane.com, you’re bound to find tons of cute tees for everyone in the family. You know I am loving the animal print one. Shop them here (most $17.98 or less shipped).

Valentine’s Day Vibes

You guys, this is the first year that none of my boys will be buying class valentines. It’s bittersweet, but I’m not shattered over it because I still got to go Valentine’s Day card shopping with you while making this post. Thanks for letting me relive those sweet grade school moments one more time.

Want more Valentine’s Day school valentine card ideas? Check out this older post: 10 Coolest Class Valentines You Don’t Have to Make

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