Warby Parker Try-Ons and Frame Reviews

Warby Parker Try Ons and Reviews

If you’ve been to a Warby Parker or gone to their website, you know Warby has tons of stylish frames. So since I’ve started squinting a little (okay, a lot) more when I need to read something close-up, it has occurred to me that I may need to get some “real” glasses, not just the cheaters that I carry around in my purse. I don’t have an eye appointment for another month or so, but I wanted to get a jump start on the frame selection process by beginning to try out a few styles. Since Warby Parker allows you to try frames on at home for free (that’s right, no shipping!), I thought I’d start there.  I found it EXTREMELY helpful when I was able to find Google photos of real people trying on Warby frames, so in case this helps someone else, today I’m sharing two separate try-on sessions I’ve done in the past few weeks in an attempt to nail down what sort of frames I want to get when the time comes.

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The Process

Trying on (and buying) frames online is pretty much a snap nowadays, and Warby’s no different. I love that you can browse frames online and then select 5 to try, free of charge. I also love that Warby’s frams are 100% on-trend. If you’re not sure where to start, you can take Warby’s Frames Quiz. This will help narrow down the search to styles, sizes, and colors you like most. I actually have done the quiz several times just to see what other options come up for me.


Once you find a pair of frames you think you’d like to try on, you just click the “Try at home for free” button below the frames you like to add them to your try-on cart. Once you’ve selected 5 pairs, you can check out and Warby ships you your 5 frames. Check out the fun packaging. I love boxes that talk to you when they arrive. 🙂

Warby Parker Box Good Things


The frames come in their own little bags and slots, so you just open them up and try them on. The instructions for sending them back or ordering are very simple and clear, so if you do have your prescription ready and you find some frames, you can order away!


Warby Parker Box This Is Great


My Try-Ons

Here are the 10 frames I tried on. There are a few I think I could live with — okay, more than a few, but I still have some time before I have to make my decision. I’ve linked each frame so you can find out more about them on Warby Parker’s website if you’re interested.


The First Five

For my first set, I chose all clear acrylic frames with no color or just a slight tint. I chose a lot of cat-eye frames because that’s the look I thought I wanted. Trying all of these cute frames on helped me see that cat-eye isn’t the best frame style for me, and I also need a bit more color in the frame. Good to know.

1. “Chelsea” in Grapefruit Soda

Love the style of these, but I think they’re a bit too cat-eyed for my face shape.

Warby Parker Chelsea Grapefruit Soda


2. “Daisy” in Cyprus Crystal

Liked these too, but I think I need a warmer color frame and for it to be a more narrow style.

Warby Parker Daisy Cyprus Crystal


3. “Jane” in Elderflower Crystal

This color is better on my, but like #1 above, I think it’s still a bit too much cat-eye for my taste.

Warby Parker Jane Elderflower Crystal


4. “Louise” Wide in Elderflower Crystal

I chose the “Wide” in this style because I’ve always thought my face was wide. Now I’m starting to think my face is “normal.” I also really thought I wanted a cat-eye style frame, but they just didn’t look the best on me. A little too pointy for my angular features, I think.

Louise Wide in Light Peach Crystal


5. “Upton” in Rosewater

I liked the smaller size of these, but again I think they’re a bit to wide and pointy. The color is gorgeous, though.

Warby Parker Upton Rosewater



The Second Five

For my second set, I chose mostly rounded styles and frames that had a bit more color to them. This time I picked a few “narrow” styles so the frames didn’t extend out past the sides of my face so much. I liked the narrow fit much better.


1. “Felix” in Sandalwood Matte

Although these are more square/rectangular than round, I think they were my favorites from this set. They’re slightly larger, and I love the Sandalwood Matte color! I could see myself wearing these.

Warby Parker Felix Sandalwood Matte


2. “Barnes” in Paloma Crystal

I really like the roundish-squarish shape of these as well. The color is also great! This is another pair I could see myself wearing.

Warby Parker Barnes Paloma Crystal


3. “Eugene” Narrow in Rose Crystal

These are very similar to the Barnes frames, but they’re a bit more rounded. I love these, too! The rose crystal is a really pretty color.

Warby Parker Eugene Narrow Rose Crystal


4. “Lyle” in English Oak

This is another round style, and the frame color is more traditional (I would have called this tortoise). These are cute, but not my favorite.

Warby Parker Lyle English Oak


5. “Hughes” Narrow in Chestnut Crystal

These were a bit more on the squarish-round side, and they weren’t really translucent, but I absolutely love the color and shape! This is another pair I could see myself wearing.

Warby Parker Hughes Narrow Chestnut Crystal



How to Choose Your Frames

Warby Parker provided some fit tips that were helpful to me in narrowing it down to my favorites. Here are their tips, straight from the Warby Parker “Help” page:

Are they comfortable? That’s a great start.

Otherwise, a few rules of thumb:

  • Pupils should be near the center of the lens
  • Lenses shouldn’t extend past the side of your face
  • Eyebrows should not be inside the glasses
  • When you smile, your cheeks don’t push the frames up
  • Frames shouldn’t slide down your nose


I didn’t know some of these “rules” and they really helped me to narrow down my selections. Warby also offers free adjustments at their retail locations in case your frames are too tight, crooked, or too long or short at the temples. If you’re not close to a Warby Parker location, they say most local optical shops will do adjustments and Warby will reimburse you up to $50 of any associated costs for a single adjustment within the first 30 days. Good to know, because I personally do not live near a Warby Parker location.


How to know if you’ve chosen “the one”

I really don’t have any advice here because I still haven’t decided which frames I want for my own pair. However, taking selfies and comparing the photos was much more helpful for me than constantly switching pairs in front a a mirror. The good thing is, there are probably 3 or 4 pairs out of these 10 that I could go with and all would be good, so my best tip would be to narrow it down to the top 2 or 3 and then go with your gut. It’s also a great idea to get input from your friends and family, but ultimately, YOU are the one who will be wearing them, so you should make the final call.


Now, since we’re all friends here, you can help me out. I’ve narrowed it down to #s 1, 2, 3, and 5 of the SECOND set. Which of these pairs do you think I should choose? 🙂


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Apparently I haven’t brushed my teeth for years…. (+ Promo Code!)

cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush Review

Okay, maybe not literally, but it sure feels that way since I started using a brand new ultrasonic electric toothbrush! For my whole life I’ve been an old school brusher. You know, regular toothbrush, toothpaste, and a lot of elbow grease. I brushed my teeth for a few minutes and then called it a day, except on those rare occasions when I floss. (Hopefully my dentist isn’t reading this!) I’ve never had a cavity or problems with my teeth, so it never occurred to me that I might not be getting them as clean as I should be. Enter the SMILE BRILLIANT cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on these links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. I appreciate your support of my blog.


SmileBrilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush

When SMILE BRILLIANT contacted me to see if I’d be willing to try their new toothbrush and share my experience with my followers, I admit I was a little hesitant at first. I already have a toothbrush. I got it from my dentist at my last checkup, and I’ll be getting another freebie toothbrush at my next appointment. A toothbrush is a toothbrush, right? Well, um…..no. Over the past two weeks I’ve been using the cariPRO, and I can tell you without any hesitation, there is a huge difference between my freebie toothbrushes from the dentist and this bad boy. My teeth have never, ever felt cleaner after brushing than they do with the cariPRO. They feel and look immaculate. How is this possible? I’m a really good brusher! I do the little circles like they show you at the dentist’s office, and I brush for at least 2-3 minutes every time. But somehow, this toothbrush brushes better than I do.


SmileBrilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

The cariPRO is cordless and rechargeable, so it comes with its own charging base. It also comes with a replacement head and really helpful instructions. Being an ultrasonic electric toothbrush newbie, I needed the instructions, but I’d recommend even veteran users of this type of toothbrush to read them because it includes tips on the techniques and angles you should use for optimum results, as well as other helpful tidbits concerning what toothpaste and mouthwash types they recommend.


What I Noticed after 2 Weeks

I was actually quite surprised by the positive changes I noticed using this toothbrush. Aside from my teeth feeling so clean after brushing, I started noticing other effects as well:

My teeth look whiter.

I have used Smile Brilliant’s customized whitening trays and gels in the past and gotten great results. Unfortunately, it has been several months since I’ve whitened and I will admit I noticed my teeth were losing some of their gleam. But since I’ve started using the cariPRO, my teeth look whiter again! Now I don’t think I’ll be needing to whiten as often.


My gums are healthier.

Because I’m not the best at remembering to floss (okay, I pretty much only do it if I have a dentist appointment that day or if I’ve just eaten popcorn). Because of this, I sometimes have a little gum soreness on and off. I get my teeth cleaned twice a year and my dentist usually finds little pockets of gum inflammation and tells me I have some 1s, 2s, a few 3s, and I’ve even had few 4s in the past (4s are bad). The timing of my trying this toothbrush was perfect because I had my 6-month dental cleaning just yesterday, after having used the toothbrush for a full 2 weeks. You guys, the lady cleaning my teeth complimented me on how well I’ve been brushing and flossing! She said my teeth and gums looked much better than they did 6 months ago. Uh….I really haven’t done anything different except start using the cariPRO for the past two weeks. I can only imagine what she’ll say after 6 months of using it!


cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush Before and After

How It Works

According to SMILE BRILLIANT, the cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush removes 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. They also claim that it improves gum health in less than 2 weeks, and I can attest to that myself. They say your smile will be 2x whiter in 1 single week, and personally I noticed some whitening after just 2 uses, and quite a bit more as time went on.


I was so impressed with these results that it made me want to know HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE! Googling around here and there, the general consensus seems to be that electric toothbrushes, when used correctly, can help people brush their teeth better. And of the two types of electric toothbrushes (sonic, with heads that move, and ultrasonic, having high frequency vibrations that break down plaque), ultrasonic is more effective, although more expensive. Keep in mind I’ve never in my life tried any sort of electric toothbrush before, so this was a whole new experience for me.


I can’t speak with authority on the science of electric toothbrushes or the intricacies of sonic vs ultrasonic, but I can say that I was completely blown away with the noticeable (both visible and sensory) improvements I had after 2 weeks of using it. I HIGHLY recommend the cariPRO if you’re in the market for a new toothbrush. And if you are still using the freebies from the dentist like I was? You probably should be in the market. Just sayin’. Hey, I didn’t know any better 2 weeks ago either.


SmileBrilliant cariPRO Settings

There are 5 different settings: Clean, Whiten, Massage, Gum Care, and Sensitive. My favorite setting is Clean. I played around with all of them and could see and feel the differences between each. My go-to setting for a good everyday cleaning is the “Clean” setting. “Whitening” is a little stronger than Clean, and “Sensitive” is a little gentler. “Massage” and “Gum Care” are for improving and maintaining your gum health. Massage stimulates your gums, while Gum Care gently cleans along the gumline. It’s recommended that you use both of these gum settings with an additional cleaning mode to make sure you’re getting your teeth clean. As always, if you have questions about my experience with this toothbrush or any of its features or settings, ask away!


Important tip for electric toothbrush newbies like me:

After adding toothpaste to the brush, PUT THE BRUSH INTO YOUR MOUTH before switching it on. The first time I tried this toothbrush, I put the toothpaste on it, ran it under the water faucet like I always did with my manual toothbrush, and turned it on while still holding it out in front of me. Unfortunately for me I was wearing a black shirt. Y’all, nobody told me the toothpaste would spatter all over me and my surroundings. Why wasn’t this covered in the instructions? Or maybe it’s common sense and I just don’t have enough. At any rate, lesson learned. Hopefully I saved you from the same fate. You’re welcome.


SmileBrilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush Review



Get 50% off with promo code EVERYDAYTEACHER50

No need to get out your cheaters, you read that right: FIFTY PERCENT off your Smile Brilliant cariPRO order! Unbelievable, right? When Smile Brilliant asked me to choose the level of discount I thought my followers would like, I shot for the moon. After all, it’s YOU guys. You’re important to me. I didn’t know if they’d go along with a 50% discount, but they did, so YOU’RE IN!


The basic package starts at $119, and with promo code EVERYDAYTEACHER50 that means you’re only paying around $60 for this life-changing toothbrush. There’s a money-back guarantee and you can return it (free shipping) if you don’t love it after 60 days, so it’s definitely worth trying.


I did receive a complimentary cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush from Smile Brilliant so I could share my experience, but the reason I’m gushing about this toothbrush is because I had such a great experience with it, and I think you’ll be as pleased as I was — especially if you’re still using a manual. In fact, I’m going to take advantage of my own discount code and get one of these for my husband and each of my two older boys for Christmas.


Happy brushing, friends!

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cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush Review

Tooth Whitening Gel

Flattering Joggers? They Do Exist!

Loft Lou & Grey Cosmic Joggers

Joggers can be tricky. Especially for those of us who are a little more pear-shaped. They’re supposed to look drapey,  comfy, and effortless, but if you are a little thicker on the south side of the equator (and have short legs to boot), many joggers can be a little unflattering. I’ve been searching for a flattering pair of joggers for over a year now with no luck, but the search is over: meet the Lou & Grey Cosmic Joggers.


Lou & Grey Cosmic Joggers

Shop This Look:

Note: Shopping via the links on this page may result in my earning a small commission or referral fee. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own!


Here’s why they work for my shape:

  • The drawstring waist doesn’t have as many bunches and gathers as some — this makes your waist look smaller rather than bulgy.
  • The material is drapey, but not baggy, so they don’t get stretched out and droop around the knees or sag behind your seat.
  • The material is slightly stretchy, but not clingy. Because of this, the material slides over your legs rather than encasing them like sausages, and it doesn’t cling to your behind.
  • They have patch pockets, not pockets on the inside, so there is no extra fabric bulged near the hip/thigh area.


Lou & Grey Cosmic Joggers


The material is almost silky, but it’s not as shiny and a little thicker. I do notice that it wrinkles VERY easily, so you’ll want to hang them up to store them. However, the wrinkles fall out after wearing them for a little while, so you’re not stuck with the wrinkles the entire day. I haven’t washed them yet, so I am really, really hoping they come out looking like new and there is no shrinkage or discoloration. Fingers crossed! They also come in a dark charcoal gray.


The only downside for me is that they’re a bit too long for my short legs. I wish they came in a “short” or petite length. I rolled them up once to get them where I wanted them. Guess I could always get them hemmed.


Lou & Grey Cosmic Joggers



Other Loft Goodies

I found these joggers at Loft and got a GREAT deal on them with a 40% off coupon code. Love that at Loft, if you just wait a week or two, you can usually get a great discount code.


Textured Pocket Drawstring Skirt

Loft Textured Pocket Drawstring Skirt

This skirt has pockets. I probably don’t need to say any more than that, but there actually is more. The material has the comfort and feel of sweatpants, but it’s got a slight horizontal texture in it. The addition of this texture means that you can style the skirt really casually as I did here, or you can dress it up with a blouse or blazer and heels to take it to work or a night out. Trust me, you need this.

Shop This Look:


Loft Pocket Textured Drawstring Skirt


Striped Side Tie Tee

Loft side tie striped tee

Okay, that’s not me wearing it, but I also bought this side tie tee. It’s a white and light gray spacedye style stripe, and it’s really lightweight and breezy. I love that although it has a tie waist, it doesn’t ride up and become a crop top once you tie it. The length is perfect and it looks great with either shorts, jeans, or a skirt and heels. Another super-versatile piece you can find at the Loft right now.

Shop This Look

So if you haven’t been to the Loft in a while, now’s a great time to head back in, or just shop online like I do. 🙂


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Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links may result in my earning a small commission or referral fee. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.