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Cozy, Casual 6-Piece Weekend Wardrobe Capsule

One of the best things about the weekend is kicking back and being more comfortable. Luckily, you comfy and stylish don’t have to be at odds, even in the most comfortable weekend pieces. Today I’m sharing an easy 6-piece weekend wardrobe capsule for casual outfits that’ll keep you comfy on the weekend, but not so comfy you can’t pick up and go have some fun when opportunity knocks.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you. As always all opinions expressed here are 100% my own and I only share products and brands I love and think you will, too.

6 Easy Pieces

This weekend capsule wardrobe is so easy you only need 6 items. You probably have some variation of many of these, but if not these pieces are easy to find. The possibilities for mixing and matching are endless just with these six items, and you could also throw jeans, scarves, accessories, and other items into the mix if you want to get creative.

  • Slouchy, soft sweatshirt
  • Flattering leggings
  • Comfy joggers
  • Soft tee
  • Quilted vest
  • Cute kicks

A Few Outfit Formulas

  • Sweatshirt + joggers + sneakers
  • Tee + joggers + vest + sneakers
  • Sweatshirt + leggings + sneakers
  • Sweatshirt around waist + tee + leggings + sneakers
  • Sweatshirt + vest + leggings + sneakers

My Picks

Here are a few of my favorites in each of the 6 categories. I mostly went with neutrals like gray, blush, black, and white. I threw in a couple pops of pattern (camo, leopard), and if I were getting a vest I’d go with a metallic for a bit of pop to liven up this dreary February through April period.

Perfect Weekend Sweatshirts

Soft and slouchy is the name of my game on weekends.

Easy Weekend Leggings

I love sporty track-striped leggings for weekends. If you want a little more edge (and shaping), go with these faux leather leggings (in plain and moto style!).

Comfy Weekend Joggers

Joggers can be casual or dressed up (try adding a cute sandal or heels to your joggers and you’ll see what I mean). Either way you go, they’re uber comfy and forgiving if you indulge in your cheat day on weekends like I do.

Soft Weekend Tees

Make a statement in a cute graphic tee or keep things neutral with a solid one.

Cozy Weekend Vests

It’s technically still winter out there, but a cute, cozy vest is the perfect layering piece to help you move into comfy spring weekend looks but still keep warm.

Sweet Weekend Kicks

A cute pair of sneakers can take you anywhere. Mine sure do: I wear them to teach at school, to run errands on the weekend, and even dress them up with cute skirts and blazers. Plus, sneakers are more comfy than heels. Duh. 🙂

That’s it! I pretty much live in these six pieces every weekend in fall, winter, and spring. In fact, there’s a good chance if I’m writing a new blog post, it’s the weekend and I’m wearing these pieces right now. Happy chillaxin’, friends!

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You Can’t Frown in a Confetti Sweater

My Sister's Closet Boutique Pot of Gold Sweater

My Sister’s Closet Boutique “Pot of Gold” Sweater

This time of year it can be pretty dreary outside, at least in the Midwest. It’s still winter, but Valentine’s Day has passed so there’s really not much to look forward to except spring. One way to bring a touch of spring to a lackluster chilly day is to wear a fun sweater like this one that has little flecks of color all over it.

Thanks to My Sister’s Closet Boutique for partnering with me on this post!
My Sister's Closet Boutique Pot of Gold Sweater

The little flecks in this sweater are in all different colors, adding a pop of fun and whimsy. I also love the distressing details around the hems. With some distressed sweaters, they look ripped and torn, but this is a little more even and just looks like it’s supposed to be this way. Distressed, but in a cleaner way. Know what I mean?

My Sister's Closet Boutique Pot of Gold Sweater

Then can we talk about these balloon sleeves? They’re the perfect length, but the balloon shape adds a bit more trendiness. The overall shape is boxy and looser, so you can wear it alone or with layers underneath.

My Sister's Closet Boutique Pot of Gold Sweater with Distressing and Balloon Sleeves

I love this sweater with jeans like these Madewell high-waist button fly jeans, but I think it would also look cute layered over a skirt or dress, or with sleek pants and boots. Whatever you wear it with, the fun little pops of color make it cheerful and a little whimsical.

My Sister's Closet Boutique Pot of Gold Sweater

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Winter for me tends to consist of more neutrals, black, and prints (can I get a whoop whoop for leopard and stripes?). I’m looking forward to incorporating more colors into my wardrobe as we get closer to spring, and this sweater is a fun way to do that before things start warming up. And plus, I’ve discovered it’s pretty hard to wear a frown when there’s confetti around. Take that, winter blues!

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Amazon Core 10 Fitness Wear Review

Amazon Core 10 Fitness Wear Fitnesswear Review

My Review of Amazon’s Core 10 Fitness Wear Line

Amazon has been stepping up their fashion game for a while now, but recently they’ve added their own in-house fitness wear line called Core 10. The prices are competitive: not as expensive as Lululemon and Athleta, and in the ballpark of Old Navy and Target fitness wear, give or take. Browsing through the offerings I saw quite a bit to like: click to view my favorites at my Amazon Storefront. I ordered three items — some workout capris, a tank, and a sports bra — to see if their function matches their style. Since Lululemon is my go-to brand, I’ll mostly be comparing Core 10 with my Lulus. Here’s my Amazon Core 10 fitness wear review.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Shopping via these links may result in my earning a small commission at no cost to you. As always, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and I only share brands and products that I love and think you will, too.

Putting Them to the Test

For my review, I first tried on the items and took photos in my living room. Then I wore all three to my gym where I put them through first a 45-minute kickboxing and cardio workout, and then a 45-minute leg-and-ab day resistance training workout.

Core 10 “Lighter Than Air” Performance Racerback Tank

Amazon Core 10 Lighter Than Air Performance Racerback Tank Review

Style: This tank is a loose, flowy racerback. It has a high neck which I love, because who really wants to worry about cleavage when you’re working out? The shape is A-line, and the arm holes come down lower toward the back. The racerback is narrow and the length hits me just above the hips. I bought the light gray heather color, and there are several other colors to choose from.

Fit/Feel: This tank really does feel “lighter than air,” but in a good way. As you can see it’s not see-through in the light gray heather color I purchased. The material is soft and flowy, not clingy. I am a solid size 8 in Lululemon, so ordered a size M (8-10). This tank is meant to be loose, but I do think it runs a bit large. I may order a S (4-6) of this tank in a different color to see if it fits me a little better.

Function: Okay, this tank ROCKS! The lightweight material is flowy and not clingy during the workout, yet it doesn’t float or bounce up (if you’ve had that happen with tanks during burpees or tuck jumps you know what I mean). It keeps you cool and dries super-quickly. The material does show a little sweat as you can see of these photos I snapped immediately after my kickboxing workout (while drenched with sweat), but it dried within about 5-10 minutes. This tank is going to be making a lot of repeat appearances in my workouts.

Amazon Core 10 Lighter Than Air Performance Racerback Tank Review
Amazon Core 10 Lighter Than Air Performance Racerback Tank Review

Core 10 “Build-Your-Own” Flashflex Run Capri, 21″

Amazon Core 10 Build Your Own Flashflex Run Capri 21

Style: These 21-inch capris have reflective dots at the bottom of each leg and perforations that look like dots on the lower back sides of each leg. Since they’re “Build-Your-Own,” you can choose a mid-rise or a high-rise style. I selected the high waist. There aren’t any pockets on the sides, but there is a 2-compartment zipper pocket at the back of the waist. There is a drawstring waist, but unlike the drawstrings on most of my other workout leggings, this one isn’t continuous: it’s two ends that you have to tie together. Hopefully this won’t result in losing one end in the waistband. This particular style is only available in black.

Fit/Feel: The material is 79% nylon and 21% spandex and feels similar to Lululemon’s Luxtreme fabric. Since I wear size 8 in Lululemon, I bought the M (8-10) and they fit, but are slightly on the bigger side. Makes sense given the sizing. I prefer how my Lululemons provide more compression and “hug” more, but these feel soft and smooth and look nice. They were opaque (no see-through situations when bending to stretch or squat). The only thing I didn’t really like was the hems around the bottom of my calves was a little tight. That being said, I should acknowledge that I have gigantic calves, so this might not be a problem for other people.

Function: These pants performed really well. I paid $32 for them (marked down from $69 the day I bought them) and they were definitely worth that. They passed the “bend over and stretch” test: not at all see-through from behind (I had one of my trusted gym girls double check just to be sure!). Let’s be clear: they are not Lululemons, so that means they didn’t have as much of a “hugged” sensation. And although they did keep me really cool, they didn’t wick sweat quite as well as Lululemons do. Comparing them to workout pants I’ve bought from Target and Old Navy, however, they were comparable and maybe even a little better (better sweat wicking and stretch). I tied the drawstring tightly and I didn’t have to pull them up during either workout. They weren’t quite as tight as I like — probably due to the fact that the sizing is M (8-10) instead of a specific size, and I fall on the low side of Size 8 in general. Their performance was good enough that I would buy these pants again, and I am eager to try other styles.

Amazon Core 10 Build Your Own Flashflex Run Capri 21
Amazon Core 10 Build Your Own Flashflex Run Capri 21

Core 10 Women’s Icon Series “Warrior” Mesh Sports Bra

Amazon Core 10 Women's Icon Series Warrior Mesh Sports Bra Review

Style: This sports bra has mesh at the top in front and back. I love that it’s a higher neckline, so I can wear it beneath some of my lower cut tanks. It’s a rounded neckline, but a more v-neck shape beneath the mesh. There is a racer back, and there are several colors to choose from.

Fit/Feel: The fit is snug (I ordered a M (8-10) once again) because this is a compression style sports bra. The material is the same as the capris: 4/5 nylon, 1/5 spandex, so there is some give but it would still provide me enough support for a cardio workout or running (I’m a B cup). There is one big downside for me: no removable pads. This means “headlights” could be a problem, and there is also less separation and shaping (it’s pretty much a squashed uniboob type sports bra).

Function: I was nervous to wear this sports bra due to the fact that it didn’t have removable pads. However, the double-layers functioned very well and mostly obscured any “headlights.” Wearing this with a loose tank probably helped, too. However, there was never any moment when they were “glaringly” obvious. The support was good — I was able to jump, bounce, and kick with no problems and felt held in. As with the tank and the pants, I didn’t experience any areas that were uncomfortable against my skin or scratchy. Good stuff. I will be wearing this sports bra a lot in the future, but probably still just with looser tanks.

Amazon Core 10 Women's Icon Series Warrior Mesh Sports Bra Review
Amazon Core 10 Women's Icon Series Warrior Mesh Sports Bra Review

The Bottom Line

Overall, I do like the style and offerings in this line, and I will purchase items from it again. I really hope they have add a few sports bra options with removable pads/cups to the sports bras, but I was pleasantly surprised with how this one without pads performed. The tank was amazing (especially at the $17 price point!) and the capris were very good given the price. These items were not as amazing as my Lululemons, but they are a solid option that’s more affordable and I will be trying more items from this line.

I’m eager to try some of the yoga-style pants to see what the material is like: I’m a huge fan of Lululemon’s Align pant with the lightweight Nulu fabric, but I just can’t bring myself to love the Luon fabric — it’s heavier weight which I love and looks fabulous and sculpts you, but attracts lint and dog hair like nobody’s business. Can’t handle it. If Amazon’s yoga pant material is anything like Lulu’s Nulu — or even better, Luon but without the lint — I’m in.

Have you tried any of the Core 10 items? I’d love to hear which items and what you thought about them.

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Amazon Core 10 Fitness Wear