Stitch Fix #33: BEST. FIX. EVER.

It’s Stitch Fix time! And today the Fix I’m featuring isn’t just any fix…it is THE Fix. Needless to say, my streak of never having purchased all of the items in one Fix are gone. Never to be seen again.… Continue Reading

Tropical Breezes Welcome!

It has been so hot lately! The kind of hot where the best you can hope for when you’re outside is the slightest hint of a breeze. When it’s this hot, there’s something about dressing like you’re actually in the… Continue Reading

Cutoff Jeans from Casual Day to Casual Night Out

I have an awesome pair of cutoff jeans that I got back in high school from a thrift store. They’re men’s Levi’s and there has been some bleach spilled on them at some point. They are super-rigid (no stretch at… Continue Reading